Meeting Notes July 5, 2016

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!!!

We had a productive meeting on Tuesday.  In attendance were Maureen, Emily, Julie, and Dallen.  Thanks!  We missed everyone else.

Here’s a brief summary.

Google group List

We seem to have quite a large list but not too many folks who are active.

Dallen will send out an email to the group to invite folks to drop from the list if they would like.

 Tree Plan Brochure

We have submitted our final edits to Angie.  We will start using the brochures once we have minimal content on our WordPress page.

Monthly meeting schedule etc.

Web Page

Emily secured for our use. She shared a potential layout at the meeting and we discussed additional content including:

meeting schedule, upcoming events, event photos, neighborhood trees of interest postings (by season), tree care tips (by season), links to urban forestry, and so much more.

Julie provided Emily with the photo CD from the Sabin Inventory

Maureen will see if she has the King CD

Emily will follow up on the write up that Amy had penned for the Sabin Newsletter that could be used as a staring place for our web page copy.

Heritage Tree Nomination

Julie gave us the sad news that our nominees were not accepted because they were planted in cut outs below overhead wires. These conditions were not explicitly cited in the criteria. The next round of nominations are due on May 1st 2017. Sabin only has one heritage tree so that is our priority.

All: If you have nomination ideas in Sabin let the Tree Team of Julie know. Private properties are OK the trees just need to be visible from the ROW.

 Neighborhood Association Meetings

Julie attended the May Sabin NA Meeting and said it went very well.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday August 2, 2016 7:00 to 8:00pm Whole Foods, NE 15th and Fremont, dining area.

Summer Tree Inventory Season is Here

We hope to see you out there. Check the link below to register.

Workday calendar and registration


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