In 2015, the King-Sabin Tree Team worked with PP&R Urban Forestry to organize volunteers and conduct a street tree inventory. It took 39 volunteers 192 hours plus additional staff time to collect data on tree species, size, tree condition, and site characteristics for all 5,817 street trees in the neighborhood.

After analyzing the results, the King-Sabin Tree Team created a vision statement, set goals, created objectives, and made property owner recommendations designed to improve the health of the community’s urban forest. The result is the King-Sabin Tree Plan, which will guide the team’s stewardship activities in future years


King Sabin Tree Plan

Vision Statement

Bringing neighbors together to create and enhance a beautiful and sustainable urban forest for the health and livability of our community.


  • Increase extent of urban forest canopy
  • Promote urban forest health and diversity
  • Educate and inspire neighbors about trees and their benefits
  • Actively pursue opportunities to engage all community members

Short Term Objectives

  • Promote care of young street trees by hosting pruning and tree care workshops and events.
  • Facilitate tree plantings by coordinating with Friends of Trees
  • Nominate trees for Heritage Tree status

Long Term Objectives

  • Help facilitate the removal of invasive and dead trees and their replacement with desireable species
  • Develop strategies for increasing the number of medium, large and evergreen trees planted
  • Conduct neighborhood tree walks